About Robugtix


We’re a Hong Kong-based robotics company founded in 2013.

Our first advanced robot was the T8 spider, for which we used 3D printing methods in a time when very few were using it for robotics. To control the robot, we developed an inverse kinematics engine that amused the world and for this achievement, we received a lot of positive reviews and coverage. After seeing how our T8 entertained the public, we decided to make a mass-produced version of it, the T8X, to make it more accessible for people.

Since then, we’ve also been focusing on helping other organizations in their businesses wherever robotics applied.

We make customer support one of our top priorities, so one of the “rules” we go by is to deal with all technical and support issues before doing anything else on any given day.

We’re full of ideas. Whenever we’re hands down on a project—be it one of our own or a custom one for a client—we like to go the extra mile to make it special in one way or another because we love the sense of accomplishment of creating great things.