Meet Z6, the portable and foldable robot for use in professional environments.

With a very compact form factor, this robot can be easily and quickly carried in a backpack to a site where inspection, exploration, search and rescue, and other tasks are required to be performed.


  • Climb stairs

  • Fold up into a compact size

  • Roll over

  • Get back right side up (if it’s in an upside down position)

  • Navigate in confined spaces

  • Navigate on irregular terrain


  • Built-in camera with video streaming

  • Professional joystick controller with monitor

  • Sizes:

    • Compact mode: 20cm(W) x 23cm(L) x 13.7cm(H)

    • Default standing mode: 52cm(W) x 49cm(L) x 17cm(H) (approx.)

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