Dancing robotic spider video goes viral

2018-12-20 | Reuters

“…an awesome bug with an urge to exercise. It has a serious side too…“

Watch this weird spider robot perform a crazy aerobics routine

2018-12-19 | Digital Trends

“…showing off Z6’s impressive levels of flexibility and coordination.

Hexapod robot folds for transit, walks out for missions, dances for fun

2018-12-18 | New Atlas

Now the company is moving into the professional bot space and the first machine out of the dev lab is the Z6.

Inside Adam Savage’s Cave: The Robugtix T8 Spider

2013-12-05 | Tested

“We're back in Adam's cave to check out his latest obsession, a robot spider with incredibly realistic movement. Adam shows off the special box and platform he built to tinker and calibrate the spider, and then sends it crawling around the pool table in his shop. It's not for the arachnophobic!“

How 3-D Printers Make Movie Monsters Scarier

2013-10-23 | Popular Science

CGI has taken over a lot of TV and movie special effects, but there's still demand for the tangible stuff

3D-Printed T8 Robotic Spider Makes Eerily Realistic Movements With 26 Motors

2013-07-23 | Inhabitat

“Depending on your level of comfort with technology and arachnids, the T8 robotic spider is either the gadget of dreams or nightmares.“

3D-printed robot tarantula not for arachnophobes

2013-07-09 | cnet

“Hexapods have nothing on this creepy-crawly robotic spider inspired by the real thing.“

Robot spider will both amaze and creep you out

2013-07-09 | CBS News

“While the whole spider element personally makes me cringe a little, there is no denying just how amazing the technology appears to be. (We're living in the future, people!)“

3D printed remote-control Spiderbot crawls into action

2013-07-09 | BBC

“If you're scared of spiders, this one isn't for you! Designers in Hong Kong from the company Robugtix have built the Spiderbot, a remote control robotic spider.“

This Robotic Spider Will Haunt Your Dreams

2013-07-08 | Time

26 tiny motors control the elaborate movements of this eight-legged creepy crawler

T8, A 3D-Printed Octopod Robot That Looks Like a Spider

2013-07-08 | Laughing Squid

“The T8 is 3D-printed octopod robot created by Robugtix that resembles a spider.“

It's enough to make your skin crawl... The ultra-realistic robotic spider that moves like the real thing

2013-07-08 | Mail Online

“For those who live in fear of our eight-legged friends, it's the stuff of nightmares.“

3D-Printed Spiderbot Is Stuff of Dreams and Nightmares

2013-07-06 | Mashable

“Some people are afraid of spiders. Others are afraid of robots. Heaven help the person afraid of both who stumbles upon this creepy-crawly 3D-printed robotic spider from Robugtix.”

This hyper-realistic robotic spider will give you nightmares

2013-07-06 | Geek

“The Robugtix T8 is an eight-legged robot that can move so much like a real spider, you’ll be tempted to smash it. But it’s expensive — don’t smash it.“

If you don't run screaming, this spiderbot could teach you to dance

2013-07-06 | NBC News

“…all this bot wants to do is shake a leg (or eight).”

T8 robot tarantula gives everyone the willies

2013-07-05 | New Atlas (Gizmag)

“Robugtix (a robotics company based in Hong Kong) is living up to its name with the lifelike robot tarantula“

Arachnophobics Beware: This Creepy Spiderbot Is Incredibly Lifelike

2013-07-04 | Gizmodo

“One thing's for certain, we're gonna need a bigger shoe.“

Robugtix's 3D-printed T8 spiderbot will terrify your friends for $1,350

2013-07-04 | Engadget

“The 3D-printed spiderbot not only looks the part, but employs 26 servo motors to drive its unnervingly life-like movement.”

3D-printed Spiderbot is Freakishly Lifelike, Better Dancer than You

2013-07-03 | io9

“It's called T8, and you won't believe how fluidly this thing moves.“