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RoboNOPE - The Giant Black Widow

RoboNOPE is our newly-launched giant black widow spider robot.

Created for those of you who want to have fun. BIG TIME.

It'd be a cool new buddy to show off to your friends, too.

Powered by our proprietary software BigFoot™ Robotics Engine, which gives the robot extremely fluid and life-like motions. If you haven't seen the videos of our other robots running on BigFoot™, check them out here.

Features and Specs:

  • Embedded camera for video streaming

  • Glowing top and bottom abdomen marks. Can change colors.

  • Approx. size: 75cm(W) x 85cm(L) x 30cm(H)


  • Professional joystick controller with monitor

  • Protective Heavy Duty case

Estimated lead time:

8-10 weeks after order is placed

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